Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lillian Came! She Is Finally Here!

She has been long awaited and she FINALLY came! Little sweet Lillian Grace Fowl arrived in the wee hours of the morning on July 14! I can't remember how much she weighed or how long she was (who am I?! seriously!) But whatever it was, it was certainly perfect and a picture of God's grace in our lives. Trina is a dear and sweet friend of mine and it was a blessing for me to have a look into her and Jesse's lives as they prepared for the blessing of a beautiful child. Caleb and I (but let's be real, mostly me) were antsy to get a look at this little beauty and see her beautiful momma and proud daddy. Below are a few pictures of our recent visits.

It look Caleb a few visits to agree to hold her! He didn't want to drop her!
But once he actually held her, it is clear that she has him wrapped around her itsy bitsy finger!!
Dinner time! All the baby feeding, crying and playing has made mom and dad hungry! (all the oooing and ahhing made me hungry too!) We had Asian style ribs, and cheddar corn spoonbread!
My first time holding her! She is precious and a beauty! look at her eyes!
Me and the happy momma - look how pretty and beautiful she is! Graceful and lovely and so joyful! From the Davis Family to the Fowl Family, we couldn't be more happy for you! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of a beautiful and healthy baby! We pray you capture her heart and save her from an early age.

I love you Trina!

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