Sunday, May 29, 2011

household manager

This morning i've been reflecting on being a home manager. i know it sounds dorky and like something that someone might take a little too seriously... but its not. basically i have been thinking how wonderful it is to have this job. to keep the home flowing, the laundry clean, the fridge cleaned out and stocked and the bathroom clean is actually a beautiful thing. i will be the first to admit that there are many times its not nearly as glamourous as it sounds (if it even sounds glamourous to you) - but its a necessary component of life. recently i have been doing more playing on sunday's (my day off) then household managing and today i had to turn down getting a pedicure with trina (which would have been very fun) to do chores and home stuff and i have been having a lovely morning. jesus has been so gracious to me in this area. i am seriously not the most organized person but he has supplied me with a wonderfully patient husband and i have been growing in this area of life. it is such a cool place to be when i can enjoy the tasks that are before me with joy and gladness knowing that i am serving my husband and more importantly serving my king by washing the sheets and moping the floor. for your viewing pleasue i included a couple pictures of the current state of my home...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bok Choy Update

Well, I had high hopes for the bok choy experience... and it was good but i didn't really do anything... after spending a good hour or so reading other peoples blogs and recipes... i decided on a method at least - stir frying which seemed most popular. I gathered all my ingredients when i got a call from caleb. he said that i needed to come over to the church and help him gather the chairs (which we bring to our community group) so, long story short, i tossed all the stuff in a bag and was gonna make my dish at brittanys house. I got there and started chatting, then i asked if gareth (who is a super chef type and total foodie) to babysit me while i made the bok choy, he ended up "helping" me but actually, i was much more content to hold a precious little baby while gareth did all the work!!!! :)
I still have some in my fridge, so i might try again...i didn't even take a picture of gareths creation! but I ate it and it was good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Holy cow! i was just sitting down to read a wonderful blog after a long day of work and thought that i'd have a couple of these little guys before i started making dinner... yikes, i think i ate half the bag! its something about biting the top of the pod and then sucking the little peas or beans or whatever they are out. anyway, ive have a lot of protein now.
ps if your looking for a good snackie kinda food, then get some of these at trader joes because they are only $1.69 and you won't feel super bad if you eat half the bag...which is the opposite of chips. im just saying... good for tv watching maybe?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bok Choy

Right now i'm about to make some bok choy... i've never made it before but i signed up to bring an Asian themed salad or veggie to community group tonight and so after wandering around in the grocery store TWICE! i decided to pick up some baby bok choy and be adventourous - which if you don't know me, isn't very like me, but i got off work early and so what the heck... i will report how it turns out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Have you ever been to Canlis? We had not been there but of course wanted to go. So, we decided that we'd go for our 3rd wedding anniversary. We got ALL dressed up. I borrowed a dress from Trina that was sparkley and Caleb didn't wear jeans!! (you're not allowed to) it was very fun and super fancy and we had a very, tasty dinner. by the time the night finally had to come to a close, we decdied that we'd have to make going to Canlis some type of tradition like go every 2 years or something. I'll tell ya, it was YUMMMMY food but yikes - you pay for it. we had a very delightful time and it was a memorable evening!
AND! they heard it was our anniversary and they decorated the dessert that we ordered which by the way, the dessert was named chocolate covered chocolate.... it was good. and so fun!

My First Post

Hello! I created this blog about 10 months ago with the ambition to be like B. Cooley and blog about all kinds of cool things. This, obviously, didn't go as planned so after some encouragement from friends, (probably the 2 of you who will actually read this) I would like to try again.
So... alas! my first post will be about how i want to begin posting.
ah... i think this is gonna be good.