Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Suncadia, for those of you who have not been, is the most wonderful place in all the northwest. It is an almost magical type place that is a mere 90 minutes away from Seattle but feels much further. I very much like the fact that our room is normally always bigger then our apartment and that my phone usually has no service meaning that no one from work or home can contact me and everyone is using the "house phone" in the room, which is a totally 90's style cordless phone which kind of reminds me of Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All. (remember that show on Nickolodeon???) Anyways, this year Caleb and I extended our annual Mars Hill Downtown Campus retreat by 4 days making for a 6 night total vacation - a record for us! It was the most delightful trip that I had been looking forward to and below are some highlights!

This is us in front of a totally creepy, abandoned house in the town of Liberty which I'm pretty sure was population 10 - maybe 12.

This is the creepy house I'm talking about, but I couldn't get the order of the pictures switched... you know I'm not that good with computers. Pretty cool and creepy lookin' huh?!
Do I even have to tell you guys how cool I am?! Do you think this is a beer? You do, right? It's actually hard cider, I don't like beer but sometimes I wish I did because I feel like it's cool to like beer and drink it when you are having a burger or something like that. Anyway, Caleb and I went to a totally sweet bar in Roslyn called The Brick which is the oldest continuously operating saloon in the state of Washington. We sat up at the bar and had "beers" and onion rings. We chatted it up with the bartender and some locals on a Tuesday afternoon around 3pm. It was fun and I felt pretty down-home.

Our first day at Suncadia was SUPER warm (so as most of you know, I was in a state of pure bliss based solely on the weather) and so Caleb had the idea to walk down to the river that we could see from our room. i thought it was a nice idea too. Well, the walk turned into more of a hike and I was wearing jeans and a sweater halter top and leather flip flops... not really a good outfit for the hike and i slipped multiple times. This is a picture of the wild flower that Caleb picked for my hair.
Putting my feet in the water after we finally got down there. it was FREEZING!
This is us (obviously) sitting on a log down at the river. isn't it cool how the sun is shining in the picture!? I don't know how Caleb made it do that but he did.
Below is a video Caleb made on our way back up from the river. He was really into making videos while we were there so we have a small collection of videos from this trip. but he was very proud and pleased with this one so i decided to show off his skills. I can't remember if he taped it upside down on purpose to be artsy or if i just actually loaded it wrong... if i loaded it wrong i have no idea how i would change it...
After this post everyone should be googling Suncadia and booking a trip.

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