Monday, June 13, 2011

Spelling Errors and Editing

WHY can't I figure out how to edit the posts i've already made? I am without a doubt the worst person with computers! I asked B (from How to Eat a Cupcake) how to do it and she said there would be a little pencil at the bottom of each post where I could click on it and edit a little spelling or grammar error. I have been SEARCHING for the pencil and cannot find it, I even figured out how to make the pencil show in the settings but whether i select show or don't show, it doesn't show. All that to say, there are like 6 spelling and/or grammar errors in my Cheesecake post and I am very irritated by it! so, know that I know, and know that I tried to fix it but I can't. any help would be MOST appreciated! thank you computer people :)

1 comment:

  1. okay when you see where it says how many comments you have... if you scooch to the right the pencil should be there. OR you can go into your dashboard or where you add a new post and it should say edit posts and then you can click on any that you want and reopen.