Sunday, May 15, 2011


Have you ever been to Canlis? We had not been there but of course wanted to go. So, we decided that we'd go for our 3rd wedding anniversary. We got ALL dressed up. I borrowed a dress from Trina that was sparkley and Caleb didn't wear jeans!! (you're not allowed to) it was very fun and super fancy and we had a very, tasty dinner. by the time the night finally had to come to a close, we decdied that we'd have to make going to Canlis some type of tradition like go every 2 years or something. I'll tell ya, it was YUMMMMY food but yikes - you pay for it. we had a very delightful time and it was a memorable evening!
AND! they heard it was our anniversary and they decorated the dessert that we ordered which by the way, the dessert was named chocolate covered chocolate.... it was good. and so fun!

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