Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bok Choy Update

Well, I had high hopes for the bok choy experience... and it was good but i didn't really do anything... after spending a good hour or so reading other peoples blogs and recipes... i decided on a method at least - stir frying which seemed most popular. I gathered all my ingredients when i got a call from caleb. he said that i needed to come over to the church and help him gather the chairs (which we bring to our community group) so, long story short, i tossed all the stuff in a bag and was gonna make my dish at brittanys house. I got there and started chatting, then i asked if gareth (who is a super chef type and total foodie) to babysit me while i made the bok choy, he ended up "helping" me but actually, i was much more content to hold a precious little baby while gareth did all the work!!!! :)
I still have some in my fridge, so i might try again...i didn't even take a picture of gareths creation! but I ate it and it was good!

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