Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Are Official Colorado People

So much has happened since my last post! First, and most important we have a home! Many of you know that we were staying with Caleb's cousins when we first arrived which was lovely and a major blessing. After putting some serious miles on our car looking for a place that we could afford and that wasn't sketchy (that can be tough criteria!!) we found a place and moved in. If you look at a map of Denver divided by neighborhood we live in Lowry Field. It kind of reminds me of Green Lake without the lake...

I'll tell you, moving without friends is super lame. Good thing we sold most of our stuff before we moved out here because I almost died carrying our mattress up the stairs to our place. (We are on the second floor and it was about 90 something degrees out!) We got unpacked and organized pretty quickly. This is what our place looked like after all the boxes were unpacked!

Our next order of business was to become legit Colorado people by getting all the official stuff changed over. We got new drivers licenses and Colorado plates!  

At this point we have an apartment, local drivers licenses, CO plates and we know where the nearest Target is. I also made sure my magazines were forwarded! What else do you need?  

Oh yeah, A JOB! I got that too! I got a job at Colorado Christian University as a financial aid counselor. Jesus graciously provided a job that is very enjoyable and much less stress then the bank. The only bad thing about the job is everyday I'm reminded of how many student loans we have!!!! (oh well.) Pictures to come of my cube! 

I think that's about it for now. We just finished furnishing our apartment so once we've got all the art hung up on the walls I'll post some pictures. If you want our new address, send me an email! Thank you again for your continued prayers, texts, emails and calls. 


  1. Love this post...and I love you!!

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  3. Miss you guys. Glad you're settled. Love, Karen