Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seattle to Denver

WE ARE HERE! We made it to Denver safe and sound! I captured a couple of our trip highlights below.
 Here is Caleb on the day we bought our trailer. We sold everything that wouldn't fit before we left.
 Quick pit stop for some roadside cherries. Somewhere between Pasco and Spokane. 
 YIKES! The Loadrunner murderer a mass amount of bugs - this was only halfway through the trip!
 Oh, the gas mileage, not so good...I thought this was the worst it was going to get but I was wrong.
This was somewhere in Montana I think. There was a massive amount of trees that grew up out of the water. The whole lake was filled with them.
 No trip through the beautiful state of Wyoming is complete without a trip to Yellowstone. It was amazingly beautiful and there was no shortage of wildlife to see.
 Wyoming has got to be the most interesting place I've ever been. Not only were we highly entertained with the drive up liquor store, the Outlaw Bar we ate dinner at was exactly what I had pictured Wyoming would be like.
 This was the cheapest place we got gas during the whole trip! (Where else but Wyoming...)
 We are almost there!
 On the way into the city we were greeted by black storm clouds. Within minutes the rain was POURING down with thunder and lighting every few seconds. I was concerned - what about my 330 days of sunshine? (The rain was short lived and the sun is shining again!)
Once we arrived safe and sound we were hard at work looking for an apartment! 

Thank you for all of your prayers! I will continue to keep you all updated. 


  1. Love this- I want to buy gas in Wyoming and see more pictures of the bug murdering loadrunner!!

  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing pictures of the beginning of your new adventure. Praying for you two.

  3. you should definitely come to MS, our gas is $3.09 :) If THAT isn't incentive then what about some friends?